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Mariachi Arco Iris Performs at Carlos Santana Arts Academy

Mariachi Arco Iris

Carlos Santana Day-2.jpgOn January 30, 2012, Fair Avenue School's very own Mariachi band, Mariachi Arco Iris, performed for Carlos Santana and Carlos Santana Arts Academy along with other talented students from various schools. "Mr. B" our Music Teacher has been directing and teaching the students how to play the instruments that were donated in 2009 by the Holland Opus Foundation.

The students had a wonderful experience with an impromptu performance exclusively for Mr. Santana before the event began. They were surrounded by the press who asked them many questions and took many pictures. Mr. Santana autographed their instruments and if they didn't have an instrument that belonged to them to have autographed, Mr. Santana autographed their shirts.

The students were celebrities as well, for the day. Carlos Santana Arts Academy students welcomed them with cheers and high-fives. See the slide show below for photos.

Our school's Music Department is in jeopardy. The opportunity for future students to become members in this Mariachi band may not be available next year. What a tragedy! We need music in our school and other schools that will also have this wonderful program taken away.

Spread the word and help support the Arts and especially Music in our school.