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Special Needs


do2Learn logo

Do2Learn:Educational Resources for Special Needs

Check out BBC Schools' bbc schools cbeebies logo for activities and games designed for Special Needs and Early Childhood!


Here are a few BBC Schools' Picks:

bbc schools jungle gameMr Tumble in the Jungle

bbc schools tinga tinga tales Tinga Tinga Tales

bbc schools whats that noise What's That Noise?

Student Activities

Welcome to Our Favorite Links

iMac computer lab what's the buzz clip artOur Computer Lab is buzzing with activity! While working on activities that follow the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS), we've discovered some fun websites. Not only do these activities enhance what we're learning in our classrooms, but we are also learning how to become tech savvy, "cyber smart" and just all around smart!

Check out the different academic and Arts activities we enjoy in the Computer Lab. Thank you for visiting and sharing the fun with us.


scholastic logo

Harry Potter Reading Club logo

Pottermore logoParent/Guardian Permission Required to access the features on Pottermore. A valid email address for the parent or guardian is needed.


Scholastic.com Student Activities

listen and read banner

clifford interactive storybooks banner

computer lab favorites banner

Language Arts Skills

Interactive Story Writing!

Inkle logo

Write, publish and share your interactive stories with Inklewriter at inklestudios.com!

Language Arts - Literacy

BBC Schools Website:  bbc schools max button

CBeebies - Early Years Foundation

Primary - Ages 4 - 11

Click on Max to the right for KS 1 Bite Size Literacy games.

Click on the fish for more advanced KS 2 Bite Size Literacy games.

bbc schools ks2 english fish



"Learning that Sticks"





spellingcity.com logo

Students click here!

Math - Numeracy

BBC Schools Website:bbc schools molly button

Primary - Ages 4 - 11

Click on Molly to the right for KS 1 Bite Size Math games.

Click on the fish for more advanced KS 2 Bite Size Math games.

bbc schools ks2 maths fish

Other Great Math Sites

coolmath.com logo stinky n bubba


"An amusement park of math and more...!"




IXL Logo IXL Math Online

Math Practice from Pre-K to Geometry!


mathisfun website logo headerMath Resources at www.mathisfun.com


Explore new places by taking a virtual tour around the world.

Learn about other cultures and customs.

Expand your horizons!

Geography World by KBears.com

My Wonderful World -"Give kids the power of global knowledge" - A National Geographic-led Campaign

National Geographic Kids - People & Places

National Geographic Kids - Game: GeoSpy

ToonUniversity - U.S. Geography-The States

ToonUniversity - Pentagon U.S. Defense HQ - the game

World Almanac for Kids- Online

Weekly Reader - Geography Games


learning from our past JPGheader

Would you like to Time Travel? Click on the links below. 






history of halloween video jpg

Click here to Learn about Halloween - Many videos to watch about the history of Halloween, Halloween traditions, Pumpkins, Ghosts, Goblins, Trick-or-Treat, and more!



For the Bravest of the Brave!  Want to be a paranormal investigator?

Try the  Hidden Spirits: Paranormal Investigation Game. History Channel Hidden Spirits Game









Scholastic First Thanksgiving pageTake a voyage back in time to visit an authentic Wampanoag Village and Pilgrim Colony. Watch videos and learn more about
The First Thanksgiving.






Click Here to Learn about Christmas -
Many videos to watch about the history of Christmas, Christmas traditions, Santa Claus, Christmas Trees, Ornaments, Candy Canes, Fruit Cake and the Gingerbread House!


Would you like to email Santa your Christmas wishes? He'll write you back! EmailSanta.com-logoClick here to send Santa an email.



hanukkah-dreidelsClick Here to Learn about Hanukkah - Many videos to watch about the historical event surrounding the Hanukkah Celebration of the Jewish communities. Learn about the history and favorite foods and traditions of Hanukkah!



HistoryChannel-onlineClassroom-logo                         The History Channel Classroom has Videos, Live Webcasts, Study Guides and Lesson Plans. 


HistoryChannelCivilWar150-interactive banner logo          The History Channel Commemorates the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. Full of Interactives and Videos to Engage Your Mind!


Time for Kids logo 

History of Halloween


kidspast.com logo

Learn about World History, Find Historical Quotes, Play History Games!


pbs history detectives header PBS Kids - Decipher a History Mystery! Watch video clips of History Detectives in Action! Play History Games!

Fun from apples4theteacher.com!

apples4theteacher logoA Fun Educational Website

Holiday Themed Activities

Feature of the Month: 

halloween itemsHalloween


Science & Biology

fossweb logo k-2

Scientific Research Grades K-2


fossweb logo 3-6


Scientific Research Grades 3-6


KidsBiology.com- logo

Biology for kids! Learn about life on earth: humans, animals, you name it, except for insects! Click on the logo to the left or click here to enter the website.


Learn About Animals


Click the logo or click here!


Click the logo or click here!








For information on some sea life, mammals and simple organisms, click the logo or click here! If you are looking for insects, please visit another animal site.






Looking for Dinosaurs? They're right here!

Dino ToyClick on these links to search for them.

Watch out! Some of them bite!

Dinosaurs for Kids - http://www.kidsdinos.com/

Science for Kids - http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/sciencefacts/dinosaurs.html

Dinosaur Factshttp://www.dinosaurfacts.org/




BBC Schools Website:bbc schools dynamo science dog

Primary - Ages 4 - 11

bbc schools science nash bbc schools science flick bbc schools science sprat

Click on the fish for more advanced KS 2 Science games.

bbc schools ks2 science fish



Learn about the Life Cycles of Butterflies and Moths







      The Children's Butterfly Site

TheButterfly Site- logo







The Life Cycle of a Butterfly




Chemical Elements and the Periodic Table: 

periodic table of comic books title logo

PBS Kids Go! - Dragonfly TV - pbskids.org/dragonflytv/ pbs logo with dragonfly tv header

Social Studies

scholastic kids news logoStay in the News




Scholastic News Online,

America's leading News source created especially for kids.


Scholastic Winter HolidaysLearn How We Celebrate The Holidays

This is the season to be jolly!

The month of December brings joy to many families around the world. Here are just a few ways we celebrate the holidays.


Go to scholastic.com to find out!



inventnow.org logoWebsite for Inventors and Would-be Inventors for kids. Do you have a great idea you want to share and/or an invention in mind?  This website is a great place for young minds to start. Check out the inventions other kids have made so far. Perhaps, you'll be next! Go to Camp Invention at InventNow.org and explore.


kids.gov logo

US Government Learning Games and Activities



Ben's Guide to US Gov

Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids K-12



va kids k - 5 logo VA KIDS

US Department of Veterans'Affairs Site for Kids

Technology & The Arts

Click on these subject links that will direct you to their own special pages! You may also find them under the Departments tab above.


technology headerFair Ave Computer Lab, "The Fair Hangar"





Also, check out our Blog, "The Fair Hangar," through edublogs logo.


arts education header

  • Music
  • Visual & Performing Arts 

BrainPop & BrainPop Jr

BrainPop-logoWatch the Featured Movie of the day on BrainPop

BrainPopJr-logoor the Movie of the Week on BrainPopJr!



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